Work Authorization Policy

Motonautica Marine Service


 Customer hereby authorizes MOTONAUTICA MARINE SERVICE (MNMS) to do the repair work along with the necessary materials. MNMS will not drive the vessel under any circumstance, the owner of the vessel must be present or provide a Captain to pilot for purposes of troubleshooting or sea-trialing.  It is understood that MNMS will not be held responsible for any loss or damages to the unit (or articles left in or with the unit) in case of fire, theft, accident, inclement weather conditions or any other cause beyond MNMS control. Customer further warrants that vessel is insured.  


 It is understood that by reusing any parts, that although MNMS inspects and recommends any parts that are vital to completion of work, they are under no warranty and we will not be held responsible for failure of above stated parts. Any old parts removed from the vessel will be disposed of unless prior arrangements are made before work is complete. After 10 business days upon invoicing, any parts or equipment left at our facility becomes sole property of MNMS. In the event that parts are unavailable or back-ordered, MNMS will attempt to accommodate, however will not be held liable for any time constraint inconvenience due to part availability.  


 Scheduling is a first-come first serve basis, barring emergencies. MNMS will try to accommodate your schedule in every way possible, however, we are unable to guarantee that there will be no scheduling conflicts.  First appointments are set to initially meet your vessel, as well as get an overall assessment of your needs. Any work performed on larger scope jobs, minus the initial call, will be completed  in the timeliest manner possible and will not be firmly scheduled. Sea-trials will be scheduled at a time where the customer, or a person assigned to represent the customer, can be available to pilot the vessel. After Estimates are approved, customers are not to be aboard the vessel while work is inprocess, this is for the safety of all our technicians as well as our customers. Furthermore, any estimated work will be completed before any new work will be done. Any secondary requests will be treated as a new job and will be scheduled accordingly. Technicians are unable to quote time and/or prices, please refer to the office for scheduling and quotes.  In the case that a customer would like an appointment in a general timeframe, we will schedule a “drop-in”. Drop-ins are unspecified times within a 2-week period between jobs. These times are allotted for general look-overs as well as quick assessments.  In the event a customer requests a specific tech, we will attempt to accommodate, however, this may affect the timeframe in which the work will be completed.  Customers are not scheduled until they receive a confirmation email and send in the required Service Diagnostics Form. 


 Our standard time is billed 8- 5 Monday-Friday. Labor rate is $105.00 per hour. When deemed necessary and more time/cost efficient, a helper rate will be applied at $65 more per hour, per helper.  Anything before 8 A.M., after 5 P.M., or on weekends/holidays will be billed at overtime rate. Overtime rate is $160 per hour. Helper Overtime rate is $85 per hour.  Drive time will be billed at $75 per hour. Drive Time is charged to and from vessel when not within 25 miles of our shop.  Any work performed out of state or overseas will be billed at $185 per hour


 Initial service call will be billed at a minimum of one-hour - if the scope of work is larger than expected, or if initial service call was for troubleshooting only, an estimate will be  submitted for further review. The initial service call will be invoiced and must be paid in full before any other work will begin.  After approval of Estimate, a deposit of 100% parts, 50% total estimated amount, or whichever is greater, will be due before initiation of job begins. Estimates are approximate, actual invoices will be based upon parts, labor and other expenses required to complete the job.  In the event of jobs outside of our service area, drive time labor and mileage are to be paid in full upon scheduling of job. If the job is out of state or overseas, the customer is fully responsible for travel expenses. Whenever multiple boats are involved in a trip, expenses will be split equally.  There is a charge of 5% of labor added to each invoice for miscellaneous shop materials and supplies, as well as oil and fluid disposal.  Credit card payments are subject to a processing fee of 3% if the total invoiced amount exceeds $3,500.  For larger scope work, progressive payments may be billed at necessary intervals.  Payment for all work performed is the responsibility of the vessel owner or agent. All invoices will be sent to the email address on file and a confirmation must be made to charge the card on file. Payment by check or cash is acceptable, provided the customer communicates intended method of payment. After 15 days, if no contact is made by the customer, MNMS reserves the right to charge the card on file for the full amount due. At this time, MNMS reserves the right to limit future work.  An express mechanic’s lien is acknowledged on labor and materials to secure the amount of repairs thereto.  


 Our standard warranty is 30 days. Most rebuilds are 90 days. Break-in procedure must be completed with a MNMS tech within the 90 day period or warranty is VOID. Warranty does not cover loss of use, travel, or expenses.